Analyst Coverage

Last updated on 7 February 2022

Organisation Analyst Email
Bank of America Merrill Lynch Analyst Fan Tso Email
BOCOM International Holdings Company Limited Analyst Philip Tse Email
CGS-CIMB Securities Analyst Raymond Cheng Email
Citigroup Global Markets Analyst Ken Yeung Email
Daiwa Capital Markets Analyst Jonas Kan Email
DBS Analyst Jeff Yau Email
Goldman Sachs Analyst Simon Cheung Email
HSBC Global Research Analyst Raymond Liu Email
J.P. Morgan Analyst Cusson Leung Email
Mizuho Securities Analyst Yosuke Ohata Email
Morgan Stanley Analyst Praveen K Choudhary Email
Morningstar Asia Limited Analyst Michael Wu Email
​UBS Securities Analyst Mark Leung Email
UOB Kay Hian Analyst Shaun Tan Email

Recommendation by Analysts on Champion REIT

Recommendation by Analysts on Champion REIT

  • Buy / Outperform

  • Hold / Neutral

  • Sell / Underperform

Champion REIT is currently covered by the above analysts. This analyst list and their opinions may not be complete and is subject to change from time to time. Please note that any opinions made by these analysts regarding Champion REIT’s performance are theirs alone and do not represent those of Champion REIT and its management. The listing of analysts who follow Champion REIT and their opinions are only for convenience and informational purposes only. Champion REIT does not imply its endorsement of their independent opinions, nor provides any investment advice. Interested parties should contact the analysts directly for more information/opinions on Champion REIT.